Trailrunning with husky

5-8 September, 2019

In the beginning of September we will have the trail running weekend. This year we arrange the weekend together with Bergbjørn Fjellservice, and we will run between huts in the mountain around Narvik. Everyone gets a dog each, that will carry all the things for us. A weekend full of mountains, running, yoga, good food, good people, inspiration and a lot of fun! 

More info will come! 

If you have questions, just contact me. 

Hope to see you in September!



Price: -

Duration: Tursday-Sunday 

Ferdighetsnivå: Both beginners and god runners are welcome! We will devide in to small groupes and run different distances.

Last day for booking: -

It has been a fantastic weekend. So much fun, inspiration and good people!
— Participant 2017

Photos from earlier years

Jag skulle vilja säga att det har varit kvalitet i allt vi har fått uppleva
— Deltagere 2017